Talkin' Wes Degroot Blues

written circa 2013

Well you made your hair curly and you made you hair straight

You got lots of love then holes of hate

I would get your name tatooed on my arm

But I don't know you might change that tomorrow

You say to hell with gettin' drunk only fools get tipsy 

next thing I know got a bottle full of whiskey

I just hope you find your self someday

But don't worry there's alot of days 

especially if your believe in reincarnation, I know you did yesterday

Well you got a fish on your plate that you don't even like

Curly's lookin over so you'll probably take a bite

I heard what you said when you were over there sittin in the corner

You said blu blah blee blah blah blah blah, Pole valutin'

Well you hang with this girl and you hang with that girl

Yall aint doin much but some little girl fun

It aint exactly legal, but if you add all there ages up, its 18, almost..

Well time has gone and everything's changed,

except your heart now that's stayed the same

It's still on the left side of your chest, It's still red,

It still pumps blood, It hasn't changed