Sewage City Blues

written circa 2010 

One of the earliest compositions of mine. It might be from 2010 or 11. The song literally popped in my head when I was playing beer pong at one of Marcus Guerro's friend's apartment. I was new to writing and didn't think I wrote it or could have wrote it. I sang it to friends asking if it was a Johnny Cash song or something. I eventually decided it was my own song and made the tale. A fairly simple one but all my friends loved it and were so excited when I “Go back to Texas”. Sewage City Blues is a classic Country / Blues song for the book.


Key of A








speeds up in to cut time



E---|D---|A---|A---|A---|A |



My darling, says she's going to New York City

She said she'd cry, if you boy you don't come with me

She gave me a look and she gave me a sigh

The way she looked I couldn't deny

Now I'm going off to New York City


Well we made it like two clowns gettin' off a bus

And it's hard cause she's always puttin' up a fuss

She get's drunk every night and all we do is fight

I had to leave her down in the middle of the night

Now I'm stranded, down in New York City




Well darlin, I wish you weren't so pretty

See if you weren't, then I woudlnt be in this damn city

well the streets just stink, the people dont think

I wunna go back where whiskey's all drink

Im going, back to Texas City


La la la la

Sewage City ain got much for me now owow

Sewage city aint go much for me now ow ow

Im goin to texas gonna be alright now ow ow

Sewage city aint got much for me nowww

Sewage aint got much for me now



Sewage City Blues - Hayden Jones
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