• July 18th, 2019

          For a good chunk of my income I play at Retirement / Nursing Homes mostly in Houston. This particular show I put in the extra effort to capture decent video and good audio. The result is I actually have good documentation and online presentation of several songs currently in my repertoire. I would like to expand and add a couple different camera angles but for now I hope you enjoy these simple videos. Here's my rough but fun rendition of Houston Texas Blues, an obscure Western Swing tune from the 50s. Enjoy!

      - Hayden 

Video :

  • July 16th, 2019

Quartet at The Courtyard

          The Hayden Jones Quartet is an eclectic and unique group based out of Houston, TX. They are a band of good friends each with an affinity for Music. Each member plays a unique role and all together an exciting musical experience is born. Though they are young men, they are old friends; having not only a strong connection musically, but personally as well.


        The group’s sound ranges from polished and urbane styles of Early Jazz to the rugged sounds of America’s Country Music. In further describing the group, It's necessary to describe each of it’s parts.

        James Masanotti, the group’s Violinist, has an almost unmatched musical sharpness that shines through brightly in Live Performance. He specializes in Classical Music and Gypsy Jazz but has the ability to play it all. He has a great wealth of musical knowledge but the sensitivity to balance it out. Because of this James is able to easily adapt to the groups more simple and folky side.

        Jeremy Dimmock, The bass player, shares that similar balance of musical sharpness and sensitivity. As a bass player this is a great quality to have and offers the necessary gel for the group's sound. Jeremy has a love for vocal harmony and a fascination of Music in general. With this you can count on him having a Mic of his own and adding another layer of Harmony.

         Wes Degroot, the other main singer and guitarist of the group, has the musical heroism of an old legend. He has an affinity for the Sounds of the past and the roots of American Music. Some of his heroes include Leadbelly, Woody Guthrie, Robert Johnson, Pete Seeger, Hank Sr. and many more American Icons that may have hopped a few trains in their day. In many ways Wes brings the more rugged side of American Music that adds a nice contrast to the groups over all sound.

        Hayden Jones, the groups leader, meets Wes and James right in the middle with a diverse combination of Musical Style. Jones’, a full-time performing musician, fills his sets with everything from polished Jazz Standards to gritty Folk Songs, sad and sweet Love Ballads and up-tempo Dance Tunes. It’s hard to pin down Jones but just like every performer, you have to see him to fully understand. One thing you can count on is that he’ll take you back in time yet make you feel right at home.

        Put all these together and you have a fun and eclectic Quartet sure to take there listeners on an exciting Musical Journey.

        The Hayden Jones Quartet plays live at The Courtyard in Columbus, Tx Friday, Aug. 23rd, from 7 – 10pm. Free Admission / All Ages.

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  • July 1st, 2019

              Hullo friends and followers! It has been one month since making my move to Columbus (Tx). It has been an interesting and eye opening endeavor thus far. Many thoughts I’ve been engaged with since moving and I’ll try and describe some of them below.

Small towns really do live up to many of the cliches, especially the “every one knows everyone” and things “get around” one. I was featured in the local news paper and I am already getting stopped by strangers who recognize me.

             If you’re unfamiliar with Columbus, it is a medium-small (to get technical) rural town half way between Austin and Houston. It is encompassed by the Colorado River which creates a nice niche of mother nature. It really isn’t very far from Houston but with the vast differences it feels so. As a musician and young man looking for a change of pace I couldn’t be happier with it.

Contrary to what you might think, or what is popularly believed. I believe there is more opportunity in small towns. (At least for my self) Let me explain…

               I have been reading a book on Sales in which the author describes the fundamental nature of business as Problem-Solving. The Customer has problem, you solve it, they compensate you for it. Bringing this premise into the business of live music / the arts gets hairy. For just what you are bringing to the table and the “problems” you're solving isn't always black and white. It’s not as simple as a plumber fixing a leak. The value of music greatly differs from immense to virtually nothing. This is hinting at the fundamental reasons why the “Music Business” is such a tricky one. Why it can be so daunting and unpredictable or “dicey”.

               However coming back center, I’m beginning to see how the basic problems live music may solve are more prevalent in small towns. For example one of the most common complaints you hear is “There’s nothing to do!”... Bam! live music solves that. If you can round up a lively number of folks out to a given location many will be pleased. And given the nature of how “things get around” it may be easier (and things may even snowball).

The city doesn’t really have that problem. There is always something to do! If I am going to host a concert I am competing with a surge of other events and happenings. People are pulled in a million directions. Plus who wants to drive through all that traffic to come to the show anyways? Joking aside,
the city does have its advantages and share of opportunity as well. Thankfully I’m in a position to utilize both.

I am afraid I could go on and on but I’ll cut it there to leave this a reasonable post length.

                I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on this so please comment below. And I’ll try and give ya'll some updates on this endeavor at least every once in while.

Much Love!

- HJ

P.S. I just released a new performance video which I’ll put in the comment section.

extract: Music operates on a deep level and isn’t necessarily a need of survival or serve any utility.
For it is even hard to say or fathom just what music does or is. How ever, it ideally provides culture and soothes the heart and soul of the individual thus the community.