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Hayden Jones

"The Texas Minstrel"

photo taken May 2019 in HTX by Vince Blaso

          "Hayden Jones is a unique troubadour beyond his years. Channeling eras long before him while simultaneously bringing something fresh and unique. “Listeners seem to time travel in their minds yet feel right at home” Jones ponders. “The music bridges the gaps between time and generations”.


          He looks young but does not sound it. He is like a time traveling minstrel or a ghost of the past, bringing us the music we have almost forgotten and sparking it with brand new love.

        Jones' music also isn't technically from the past. When he strikes the chords on his guitar and sings his fine melody's it is happening here and now. That rings especially true for the hundreds of songs he has written and composed. He has released 47 of them on his three albums The Back Room, The Roosevelt House, and his newest, Dreams In November. Still that only remains the tip of the iceberg for his original songbook. 

      Whether it be a toddler, a teenager, old man or woman, Jones will be sure to captivate them and take them on a pleasant journey through song and even history."

Based in Columbus, Texas