Employed full-time by the desire to create good music, Hayden Jones is an up-and-coming artist from Sugar Land, Texas. For the last seven years Jones’ has been playing between bars and on the streets of Houston, TX, to the small hill country towns throughout central Texas. Complemented by his girlfriend and a fluctuating entourage of musicians, Hayden plays a strange and charming blend of gypsy jazz, blues, western swing, folk ballads, and even waltzes.


Driving a cream and wood panel ’85 LTD Station Wagon, Hayden strides to perform anywhere he can. “I mean, I know what I want to do and so I do it,” Hayden said. “I’m always promoting my CD’s and putting myself out there. Persistent action is what it’s about.” His mindset compels him to spend almost all of his waking hours writing, practicing, and performing his music. He refuses the idea of working a ‘conventional’ job for the sake of financial security, saying simply that it’s not what he wants to do – he wants to do music.


“Any feeling can be profound, even just sitting outside – you can take that for granted or really capture it,” Hayden said, talking about what motivates his songwriting. “Music captures the essence and beauty that you miss in life’s every day hustle and bustle. We try and bring that to the audience.”


Hayden released his first album in February of 2016, consisting of twenty-one original songs and one cover. “The Back Room”, being an exceptional listen, was recorded over the course of three years most of which by Jones’ himself. His second album, “The Roosevelt House LP”, will soon be released in May of 2017. “These are by far my best recordings yet” says Jones’.


After the release of “The Roosevelt House”, Hayden and Amy plan to take The Wagon’ across America to expand their audience and promote the tunes that have fueled their career. You can help fuel The Wagon’ and their journey by donating below! Thanks


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